Highlighter ink

Matching inks for the Classic Highlighter M205 Duo, suitable for marking text as well as annotating through special color choice.

Color representation¹ Color
Yellow (2010)
Shiny green (2013)

¹ The color representation is to be understood as an example, since it isphysically not possible to specify binding (obligation) colors. Scanners provide different color values, there is a dependency on the light and the display is different on different screens, moreover, screens can not represent all material colors. By various external influences, e.g. the age of inks or the paint application it will further change the look.


Trading unit

78 – Modern glas (30 ml)


Gold / silver ink

Not suitable for fountain pens. For crafting, decorative lettering and finishing. So far, no detailed information available, what exactly that is and what it consists of - certainly not a real ink.

Gold ***
Silver *


Trading unit

23W – high rounde glas (10 ml)

* in 1986 available
*** in 1988available


Ink – white

Not suitable for fountain pens. For labeling X-ray films and dark cardboard.


Trading unit

30G* – Round glas with wide neck and grip cork (17 g)
?** – Wide neck glas (50 ml)

* in 1938 available
** in 1986 available


Laundry marking ink

Not suitable for fountain pens. Waterproof ink for labeling clothes and other textiles with names or sizes, for example.

800 – distinctions?
807 –distinctions?


Trading unit

23W – litte round glas (10 ml)

* in 1986 available
** in 1988 abailable


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