Edelstein Ink Collection

Fashionable, high-quality inks for enthusiasts. The Edelstein ink collection product range is expanding since 2011. Most inks have a pronounced shading. Allegedly, they contain a special ingredient to ensure extra smooth writing and addivtives for care the filling mechanism.

As an "Ink of the Year", since 2012 a new color is published every year, which is usually limited to the respective year. To some ink variants appeared color matching demonstrator fountain pens based on the M200, partially also in a set with the ink bottle.

Edelstein inks are basically available in a 50ml crystal glass bottle, most of the colors since 2014 also as a set of 5 large-size cartridges (GTP / 6) in an embossed metal case.

Color representation¹ Name Color
Ruby Red
Mandarin Orange
Aventurine Green
Jade Light green
Topaz Turqouise-blue
Sapphire Blue
Onyx Black
Tanzanite Blue-black
Turmaline (Ink of the Year 2012) Plum
Amber (Ink of the Year 2013) Amber
Garnet (Ink of the Year 2014)*² Dark red
Amethyst (Ink of the Year 2015) Dark purpble
Aquamarine (Ink of the Year 2016)*¹ Dark turquoise
Smoky Quartz (Ink of the Year 2017) Brown
Olivine (Ink of the Year 2018) Olive-green
Ruby Star (Ink of the Year 2019) Burgundy-Pink
Moonstone (Ink of the Year 2020) Grey
Golden Beryl (Ink of the Year 2021) Orange-Yellow with shimmer
Apatite (Ink of the Year 2022) Turquoise

*¹ since 2017 in the permanent product range
*² since 2018 in the permanent product range

¹ The color representation is to be understood as an example, since it isphysically not possible to specify binding (obligation) colors. Scanners provide different color values, there is a dependency on the light and the display is different on different screens, moreover, screens can not represent all material colors. By various external influences, e.g. the age of inks or the paint application it will further change the look.


Trading unit

EI 50 – Crystal glass bottle (50 ml)
GTP/5 – 5 gigant ink cartridge (1.4 ml)


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